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Does · the · body · rule · the · mind?

I dunno.

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I have to poop. Damn you, PBR.

I would say that a good poop is better than sex, if I could actually remember what that feels like. But let's just say that I am enjoying life very much right now. I never should've went to university; it was a complete, utter waste of time. I could've went to night classes in Asheville, started with my current employer eight years ago, and been the freakin' ops manager by now. University propaganda. That's all it is -- a bachelor's degree on its own is nothing more than a useless, overpriced ($40,000 in student loans, according to Experian) sheaf of paper.

That stream of conscious was a bit much, even for me.

One more thing (upon noticing my userpic): the game with Barbados tomorrow should be interesting. We (The US Men's National Soccer Team) won last week 8-0, so more than likely we'll be playing young players who may have something to say about the composition of the team come WC2010. It should be good. I hope to God we perform better in '10 than we did in '06. It's embarrassing to be beat by a bunch of greasy Italian bastards.

There was something else on my mind, but I can't recall exactly what it was, so I'll end here. Toodles.
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I had a 2nd assessment at BCBS in Winston-Salem today. It was the exact same assessment that I took at SITEL. To the letter. They even have the same phone system. Same cubicles, same phones, same pre-employment tests... double the pay. Ha.

I also looked at an awesome house for rent in a Winston suburb. $450 a month for a two bedroom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not getting my hopes up. It's amazing how much easier a job search is when you already have a job. I loved the house though. It has a fookin' gar-age (the British pronunciation; go ahead, say it aloud, you can't miss the humour).

In other news, my pants are soaking wet because I had to carry a 20 year old basset hound out of the stream beside my house. For those who have been to my house and seen my father's rockwork, you can imagine the sort of task this was... not to mention it was dark and the Ayatollah (imagine a wolf) was trying to lick my face the whole time.

I don't usually post here, but this is the only forum I have access to say things about my life.

If you don't like it, piss off.
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I am trying to decide whether or not to be depressed. I'm the last bachelor standing from my high school class. Is that sad or not? I dunno. In other news, I started student teaching last week. Perhaps I'll actually use this "blog" for something useful and chronicle the Trials and Tribulations of a 9th Grade English Class. Though truth be told, these kids are extremely well-behaved. It's surreal. None of them have acted out yet. There's not even a mischievously curved brow, or a twinkle in the 15 year old eye. It's very surreal and makes me seriously ponder the existence of an all-powerful force that rules o'er us all. Case-in-point: if there were no God, the kids would be little bastards. But they aren't, ergo God must exist in some form. Or maybe it's just my foray into the Dao. Water, after all, is flows around all obstacles and ultimately reaches its destination. Okay, depression is out; but thanks all the same for your kind words of encouragement.
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On 1.1.06, I weighed less than 160 lbs.

On 1.1.08, I weigh more than 180 lbs.

By 1.1.10, I will weigh 200 lbs.

Why do you people want to LOSE weight anyway? I'll never understand. That, and vegetarians. It's UNNATURAL. God hates vegetarians. The first vegetarian, Cain, was the murderer. Not the other way around. So go sod off, you sanctimonious turds. And anyway, most of your weight is just retained water. Go sweat a little and you'll weigh less. The end.

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What was the name of that movie with the girl who came out of the TV and killed people? Now they got one with voicemail. Thank God I never listen to voicemail.
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Strike that last post from the record.

My prose is infantile, but it does help to kill time at work.

As a general rule, people who phone credit card companies are fucking stupid.

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I have used my free time (most of the time) at work to begin writing the next great spy novel. The main characters are Jon Lancaster and Alison... I don't think I've given her a last name yet. Anyhow, she is the perfect woman. There has to be a real life inspiration, and I mean to find it.

Anyone want to help me? :)

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Does anyone read this anymore?

It hardly matters, but--

I was looking at some old pictures, and it was depressing. I was so disgustingly skinny. No wonder I used to hate myself.

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1. Free Maya Angelou Tickets. All students get free tickets, but you have to present a student ID. Funny, I never got one and they never checked mine.
2. The "Fitness Center."Again, all you need is a valid student ID. Again, they never checked mine.
3. 5 classes this semester, 2 pizza parties.Bought and paid for by the professor. That never happened at NC State.
4. After 1 semester, I know pretty much everyone worth knowing.There's only 1,500 students at the college. It's not that hard.
5. The football games.Alright, so I went to a rural 2A high school. Our stadium is bigger than Div III Mars Hill. It just cracks me up that the stadium is so... tiny. 2,500 seats, including visiting fans.

This school is so much fun. Though it's a little unnerving to be the youngest person in my classes by a considerable margin. Maybe I should've went here in the first place?

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I look the best I've ever looked on the outside, but on the inside I'm still the same fucked up little boy I always was. Funny how things work out. But at least I've got a plan now!
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